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Reports available on same day of inspection

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Do I need to get a pre purchase building inspection?

Definitely, for the cost of the report you could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars if we find hidden problems with the property.

Is the report easy to read?

Definitely, we supply comprehensive, easy to read reports written without all the complicated technical information that can be hard to understand.

Do you discuss the report with us once the inspection is completed?

Definitely, Clyde will contact you after the inspection is completed to discuss the report and any areas of concern. You are welcome to contact him as well to discuss any concerns you may have.

Does the report have photos?

Definitely, we supply with the hard copy of the report a USB flash drive with photographs taken at the inspection. The report will contain references to these photos.

Does your Company carry out repairs?

No we don't, as carrying out repairs would be a conflict of interest.

What is the NZS 4306 Standard?

The standard introduces consistency and reliability into the inspection of residential properties. It sets out the minimum requirements for the visual inspection of residential buildings, and for the preparation of the appropriate property inspection reports.